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Working Part-time on a Restricted Visa Offers Freedom

‘Gig’ work is a rapidly growing area in Australia for people in need of more flexibility and choice when it comes to their working situation. These kinds of opportunities are ideally more suited for international students and working holiday makers, who are naturally looking for jobs that allow freedom and flexibility to work around study and travel.

As with any country that is not your original place of birth, when visiting and working, you will be faced with various rules and restrictions when it comes to earning a living. These laws exist to protect everybody. However, it shouldn’t mean people feel limited or exposed when it comes to pursuing jobs as a contractor.

In a recent article in ‘The Conversation’, 46 international students and working holiday tourists were surveyed about their employment situation. They found that the food-delivery workers amongst them were acutely aware of the low-paid status of their work, but the apparent freedom of it was a significant attraction:

“I used to work in restaurants beforehand. But then it’s like there’s a boss sitting out over there, they don’t pay you well. So it’s better working with Uber because it’s like you have your own vehicle, you’re driving it. If not scooters, you can actually drive it using cycles and you’re basically getting paid for just working out.”

Independent contracting allows for total freedom of choice and flexibility. You can keep your options open and become the master of your own destiny, working days and hours that are chosen by you. Taking control of your own work/life approach is empowering and can lead you in many different directions.

Fortunately, there are enterprises that exist to support contracting opportunities, such as gig work and food delivery, making it possible for students and tourists to work and study/travel simultaneously. You still have to get proactive around understanding what your visa category says you can or cannot do, your tax obligations and ensure you have the right insurances to cover yourself.

Admittedly, at Certica®, we acknowledge that the world of contracting can get a little confusing and overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. We’d love to walk you through the process, minimise your stress and eliminate the risk involved so you can get on with enjoying the reason you came here in the first place! Feel free to call us on: 1300 301 401.

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