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Wo(men) in Business 2016

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (ACCI) Mobile-ising Women Conference. We are new members to ACCI and so far all of the events and interactions have been beyond our expectations. We are learning from our country’s best leaders, meeting Ministers and decision-makers at each event.

The topic of Mobile-ising Women was of particular interest to us at Certica®, since we are champions of enterprise and business. We interact with over 15,000 contractors on an annual basis and a key part of our services is supporting start-ups to ensure they are compliant from the outset.

Women in Business 2016 ACCI conference

I thought I’d share some of my key learnings from the Conference, because they were SO topical and of great significance to all business-minded people, both men and women.

We heard that:

  • Nearly 40% of new startups in Australia are women and that women are 60% less likely to become bankrupt than men;
  • Interestingly, while these female-owned new start-ups are less likely to become bankrupt, after years 3 or 4, some of them are stagnating and growing at a less rapid pace than their male counterparts;
  • Women are more connected than men; we are ALWAYS on! We are connected to social media constantly throughout the day and our peak connectivity times are 9:30-10:30 at night;
  • To speak to women on social media we need to be more conversational. Women are far more picky about the content they choose to follow and the biggest trend for content engagement is podcasting; and
  • The STEM industry (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is far less represented by women than men, a trend we hope to see shift with women becoming more involved in coding and mathematics.

Lucy Turnbull spoke beautifully about encouraging our younger women to be CONFIDENT.  She said that with the confidence to know that these young women can achieve anything in this world and the tools with which to achieve success, we should expect to see more women represented on Boards and more women entering traditionally male-dominated industries.

Personally, I have never encountered any discrimination in the workplace because I am female. In fact, it isn’t even on my radar. I believe that both men AND women should be held to the same high standards and that we should judge every person on their ability and commitment to perform the task at hand, equally.

I am SO excited for this new innovative, mobile, diverse and disruptive phase of business. I can’t wait to see what everyone can achieve by leveraging unparalleled access to mobile communication and digital technology.

Thank you to ACCI for hosting such a wonderful event. It was a refreshing end to what has been an exhausting yet productive year.

Let’s bring on 2016!!!

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