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The Enterprise Journey

Independent contracting is the first seed of enterprise. With the right support, any budding enterprise can weather the storms, establish itself and mature into a successful business.

We call this The Enterprise Journey. Over the years we’ve seen and helped businesses start, grow and thrive – motivated individuals who began as independent contractors eventually engaging their own contractors as their business grew.

Here’s a quick video illustrating the Enterprise Journey:


Certica appreciates what it takes to step out on your own and the sacrifices you have to make along the rocky road to success. Our job is to make sure all the admin and compliance things are taken care of, so you can focus on sowing the initial idea.

Then we’ll help you nurture it along the enterprise journey, weathering the storms, keeping it safe as it grows and develops into an established business that eventually matures and creates new seeds of its own. And so the process repeats.

We want to see you succeed. We celebrate enterprise and entrepreneurialism. We’ve got your back.

Need to speak with one of our IR Champions? Send us a message via our Contact page or simply call 1300 301 401.

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