Corporate Enterprise & Government

Corporate Enterprise & Government

Contractors play an important part in any enterprise workforce. They provide flexibility and scalability, deliver vital expertise and work for agreed rates. They can be engaged directly by your business, work through a labour-hire/recruitment agency or via an outsourced service provider.

Recently, regulators and interested parties have sought to use public opinion, reputational risk and accessorial liability to hold companies liable for direct and indirect breaches of workplace laws by franchisees, contractors, labour providers and those in your supply chain.

These claims not only expose your company to potential damages, penalties, increased regulatory scrutiny and loss of reputation, but also have significant personal impacts on directors, executives and other senior management – highlighted by recent prosecutions against HR Managers.

As someone who engages contractors you must ensure your contracting arrangements satisfy the strict compliance requirements enforced by the ATO, Fair Work Ombudsman and other statutory agencies.

It’s time for you to engage Certica® and invest in becoming Contractor Ready™. A bespoke yet proven certified contractor administration solution will provide you and your organisation with the protection and certainty you need now and in the future.