Contracting with a Certica® Client

Contracting with a Certica® Client

This may be your first foray into contracting, or you may be a seasoned professional; either way, you accept that as an independent contractor there’s no guarantee of ongoing work (although being good at what you do certainly helps).

Taking responsibility for your own work means you also directly control how much you earn.

If you are considering an offer to contract your services with a Certica® client, congratulations! Your client has invested in becoming Contractor Ready™ and the certified contractor administration system they use is designed to provide certainty of compliance with ATO, Fair Work and other regulatory requirements.

So, if you are ready to enjoy the freedom of running your own business as an independent contractor and the opportunity to maximise your earnings, but you prefer the simplicity of having your payments and financials managed, look no further!

Certica® is here to support you, as you embark on your enterprise journey.