Contracting with a Certica® Client

This may be your first foray into contracting, or you may be a seasoned professional; either way, you accept that as an independent contractor there's no guarantee of ongoing work (although being good at what you do certainly helps).

Taking responsibility for your own work means you also directly control how much you earn.

If you are considering an offer to contract your services with a Certica® client, congratulations! Your client has invested in becoming Contractor Ready™ and the certified contractor administration system they use is designed to provide certainty of compliance with ATO, Fair Work and other regulatory requirements.

So, if you are ready to enjoy the freedom of running your own business as an independent contractor and the opportunity to maximise your earnings, but you prefer the simplicity of having your payments and financials managed, look no further!

Certica® is here to support you, as you embark on your enterprise journey.


Sole Trader / Small Enterprise

Every enterprise journey starts with a single step, usually the decision we made to go into business. If you're yet to take action, Certica® will get you enterprise ready, starting with your ABN registration.

Of course, things soon became a little more involved. Doing great work for your customers was the easy part, but no one ever mentioned the burden of administration, taxation and compliance obligations.

That’s where we come in. By partnering with Certica®, you and your business are always set up for success.

With no up-front costs or application process, you can offer your customers payment options such as BPay and EFT, be instantly covered with affordable pay-as-you-use insurances, and automatically ensure your taxes and super contributions are paid.

We're here to make sure you’re always Contractor Ready™.

Growing / Established Enterprise

You run a solid enterprise, your reputation and business acumen generate more work than one or two people can handle. You need a team, one that is flexible and can be directly incentivised to produce results - the kind you and your customers expect.

It’s time for you to engage or expand your own team of independent contractors - just like when you started out.

However, you realise it's critical that your contractors are engaged compliantly. You don’t want to take the chance that anyone could be deemed your employee. You need certainty, because you know the cost of getting it wrong.

It’s time to turn to Certica® and implement a certified contractor administration solution. Your investment in becoming Contractor Ready™ provides the ongoing certainty you need to protect the business you've worked so hard to grow.

Corporate Enterprise & Government

Contractors play an important part in any enterprise workforce. They provide flexibility and scalability, deliver vital expertise and work for agreed rates. They can be engaged directly by your business, work through a labour-hire/recruitment agency or via an outsourced service provider.

Recently, regulators and interested parties have sought to use public opinion, reputational risk and accessorial liability to hold companies liable for direct and indirect breaches of workplace laws by franchisees, contractors, labour providers and those in your supply chain.

These claims not only expose your company to potential damages, penalties, increased regulatory scrutiny and loss of reputation, but also have significant personal impacts on directors, executives and other senior management - highlighted by recent prosecutions against HR Managers.

As someone who engages contractors you must ensure your contracting arrangements satisfy the strict compliance requirements enforced by the ATO, Fair Work Ombudsman and other statutory agencies.

It’s time for you to engage Certica® and invest in becoming Contractor Ready™. A bespoke yet proven certified contractor administration solution will provide you and your organisation with the protection and certainty you need now and in the future.