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CeTax – Tax Services

Can you help me with my Taxation and Accounting requirements?

Absolutely! Certica has partnered with a Taxation and Accounting company called CeTax which is ready to assist you with all of your financial returns. CeTax can help you to:

  •  Set up an ABN and your PAYG tax account
  •  Create a Pty Ltd Company entity for you and all of the ASIC lodgement to go along with it
  •  Complete your tax return and maximise your tax refund
  •  Complete an early tax or super return for travellers returning home
  •  Call us on 1300 031 282 for more information about how CeTax can help you!

4 responses to “CeTax – Tax Services”

  1. Kirsty Joyce says:


    I worked for Zenith Direct during October 2016 – December 2016. I recently contacted them enquiring about how I lodge my tax return and they forwarded me your information. I’m leaving Australia 15/06/2017 so could you please advise/help me with how to go about receiving my tax return?

    Thank you,
    Kirsty Joyce

  2. Siobhan Wren says:


    During October 2016-December 2016, I worked for Zenith Direct and I was wondering how to go about receiving my tax return from that period of time?

    Thank you,

  3. Temeika Jackson says:

    I worked at HelloFresh during October 2016- November 2016. I was given your information about who deals with lodging tax returns. I’m leaving Australia soon, so could I please be advised on how to receive my tax return?

    Temeika Jackson

  4. Siobhan Wren says:


    I recently sent you a message about wanting to receive my tax returns however I have not received any information about it since. A few friends of mine have received phone calls from you but I have not; this may be due to the phone number that you have for me is not working now that I am in England.

    Please could you send me an email so I can provide you with a working phone number.

    Thank you,
    Siobhan Wren.

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