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Benefits of Contracting

Flexibility, autonomy and diversity are just some of the reasons that more and more of the Australian workforce are choosing to launch into self-employment. Here are some of the great benefits of being a contractor.

  •   Commercial rates
    The pay negotiated with a contractor can be greater than that offered to an employee
  •   Earn by results
    By increasing your productivity, your earnings potential directly increases
  •   Control
    It is your right to accept or reject any offer of work, if you consider that an offer is unsuitable, you do not have to accept it
  •   Flexibility
    Permanent jobs constrain how you manage your time, including hours, days worked and holidays. In contrast, due to the flexible nature of contract work, with good planning, contractors are able to benefit from more flexible work arrangements that work around lifestyle and other projects
  •   Independence
    You can source other opportunities to grow your business at any time
  •   Choice
    Contracting, by its very nature, lets you decide the sort of work and projects you’d like to be involved in

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