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Simply put, Certica® makes contracting easy.

We enhance contracting arrangements through tailor-made solutions designed to meet customer and legislative compliance requirements. The result: contracting with Certainty.

Certica® helps businesses at all stages of their Enterprise Journey, whether they’re taking their very first step as a self-employed independent contractor or they’re expanding into a thriving global enterprise.

Our brand promise is to keep you Contractor Ready™ – we provide the certainty that your contracting arrangements will always be effectively and efficiently managed and administered.

Learn more about our independent contractor management services below.

Our Solutions

Certica Solutions

If you’re an independent contractor, or engage them in your business, you’ll love what we can do for you.

When engaging in a contracting relationship, it is essential to ensure that both parties meet strict compliance and conduct standards as required by regulators. Failure to do so engenders many risks, such as employment claims, taxation and superannuation liabilities, workplace health and safety breaches and insurance claims.

Our Certified Contractor Administration solutions ratify the integrity of the contractor relationship by addressing statutory requirements and other legal aspects. They are the fruit of more than 15 years’ in industrial relations, now streamlined into two main contractor engagement models: Certica® CMO™ and Certica® Connect™.


CMO logo

The Certica® Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO™) solution is the most modern form of tri-partite contracting, which establishes a legal separation between independent contractors and the end users of their services.

With Certica® absorbing the liability for industrial relations, businesses are protected from employment claims and the tax, superannuation and insurance obligations of their contractor workforce become the responsibility of Certica®.

As a result, contractors can provide their services with confidence, knowing that all legal requirements are addressed and that payments due them are covered by our Payment Certainty Pledge.

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The Certica® Connect™ solution provides compliance, taxation and payment management to direct contracting engagements.

Directly engaging contract labour can expose the end user of their services to various liabilities, such as tax, super and other legal obligations, if poorly administrated. Keeping track of contractor compliance obligations such as licensing and insurances can also prove an onerous task compounded by the size of the contracted workforce.

It is imperative for businesses that engage contractors directly to have a contractor management and compliance system in place: exactly what the Connect™ solution provides.

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The iContract® Contractor Solution Suite

At the heart of all our Contractor Ready™ services is iContract®, our patented and world-class contractor solution suite.

With powerful and innovative compliance management and payment bureau features, iContract® simplifies administrative processes, delivering consistency and certainty to our customers.


Compliance Management

Tracking and managing contractor compliance is easy with iContract®. Through a flexible but secure system, businesses can set distinct compliance requirements for different contracting engagements and manage them all from a single user-friendly portal.

iContract® allows businesses to set 100% compliance with all requirements as a prerequisite to releasing payments, so they can ensure that work arrangements meet all mandatory obligations.

Payment Bureau

Our powerful platform does the work of a team of accountants, freeing you from the administrative burden of payroll management. In addition, Certica®’s Payment Certainty Pledge guarantees the timely release of payments, an attractive feature for any contracting arrangement.

More importantly, iContract® automatically manages PAYG tax, superannuation entitlements, insurance fees and more, ensuring accurate payments to contractors while meeting all financial obligations.


Certica® designed and developed the iContract® platform specifically for contractors and the businesses that engage them. Prior to iContract®, no other software solution existed in the world that offered similar compliance and payroll features for this unique industry.

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Our Partners

The innovation that drives Certica® has led us to develop complementary services to meet client needs. We keep our clients ready and a step ahead of the game.


CeTaX™ provides dedicated taxation services to contractors and the self employed.

Your CeTaX™ specialised accounting professional will work with Certica® to keep your books up to date and always tax ready.

Our partnership with Certica® provides us direct access to your iContract® profile, dramatically reducing or even eliminating your need to supply us with financial information. We save you time and keep you tax ready for a fraction of the retail rate.

We like to say, “Your business is your business; our business is accounting for your business.”

Ready to expand your business? We are.

Certica® Global™ gives you access to a bigger talent pool of professional and skilled workers outside of Australia.

We recognize that expanding your business overseas can seem daunting. We understand your fears, your concerns and your apprehensions. What we can do is transform fears into possibilities, concerns into opportunities and apprehensions into growth.

Our promise is to help you every step of the way, as you expand your team globally, and enjoy the transformational benefits this innovation delivers.

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