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Picton Bros Panelspan Founders Inducted onto Jean Emile Serisier Roll of Honour

Congratulations to Les and Pam Picton of Picton Bros Panelspan for their induction onto the Jean Emile Serisier Roll of Honour!

The couple were awarded the prestigious recognition at the 2017 Rhino Awards hosted by the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce and Industry last 13th of October, 2017, just a day after their business celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Photo by Paige Williams

The Pictons dedicated the recognition to their loyal and hardworking staff. “We talk about the criteria that’s behind this and that’s pretty well what oozes out of our staff,” said Les.

“We’ve been very lucky to have people that have contributed back into the business and on a regular basis,” Pam added. “We really think the world of our staff. The team that we’ve got, we couldn’t do it without them. They’re just amazing. We’ve got people who have retired that haven’t! They just want to keep on working with us. The work ethic that they instil in the younger people … we can’t do without it.”

Our Director, David Marriner, who has had a long, successful business relationship with the Pictons, shared this message:

I am so happy for Les and Pam. Such a special family, an honour to be of service to them.

Passion and integrity ooze from them both. I admire them greatly and will always cherish the trust they put into a 26 year old kid with a passion and burgeoning business all those years ago. They believed in me, in us, in our business and backed us all the way.

They represent the foundation of Certica. What an enterprise journey for all of us.

And yet the humility remains. Bless them. I shed a tear of joy reading this. So proud of them.

The Jean Emile Serisier Roll of Honour, named after Dubbo’s founder, recognises those who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming business leaders.

Photo by Paige Williams

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