Our Partners

The innovation that drives Certica® has led us to develop complementary services to meet client needs. We keep our clients ready and a step ahead of the game.

CeTaX™ provides dedicated taxation services to contractors and the self employed.

Your CeTaX™ specialised accounting professional will work with Certica® to keep your books up to date and always tax ready.

Our partnership with Certica® provides us direct access to your iContract® profile, dramatically reducing or even eliminating your need to supply us with financial information. We save you time and keep you tax ready for a fraction of the retail rate.

We like to say, “Your business is your business; our business is accounting for your business.”

Ready to expand your business? We are.

Certica® Global™ gives you access to a bigger talent pool of professional and skilled workers outside of Australia.

We recognize that expanding your business overseas can seem daunting. We understand your fears, your concerns and your apprehensions. What we can do is transform fears into possibilities, concerns into opportunities and apprehensions into growth.

Our promise is to help you every step of the way, as you expand your team globally, and enjoy the transformational benefits this innovation delivers.

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