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12 Masterpieces by People Who Got Bored at Work

Procrastination can actually make you more creative and productive, at least according to Professor Adam Grant, author of Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. By delaying the completion of tasks, we allow our minds to wander and come up with more ideas that are often better than our initial, more conventional ones.

Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address are a few famous examples of Grant’s theory in action – both were actually rewritten at the last minute.

Though not as famous but maybe equally as impressive, here are a few more examples of masterpieces created by people who got bored at work, or maybe just had too much time:

1. So this bored engineer had a can of Pringles…

Bored at Work - Pringles

2. Having fun at the bookstore

Bored at Work - Bookstore

3. Post-It Bowser

Bored at Work - Post It Bowser

4. Welded together by a mechanic with some spare time

Bored at Work - Metal

5. 3D chart by Paul

Bored at Work - Balls

6. Yabadabadoo!

Bored at Work - Flinstone Car

7. With a few twists of copper wire

Bored at Work - Scorpions

8. Heavy metal clippie

Bored at Work - Clips

9. Paper swan


10. Points if you recognise this character…

Bored at Work - Saitama

11. Office Safari!

Bored at Work - Faces

12. A cute comic strip

Bored at Work - Cardboard

You can certainly the creative spark burning through in these guys’ works! Hopefully they were able to be more productive right after these side projects..

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