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A Holiday Gift and Message from Certica®

2016 has been a kind year to Certica®, so this Christmas, to thank everyone who supported us throughout the year, we thought we’d pay the blessings we received forward.

We decided to directly support the students of Mitchelton Special School on their journey to learn to live and live to learn.

Mitchelton Special School caters to students who have been verified with an intellectual disability. They create exciting, engaging and imaginative facilities and learning environments for their students, and their dedicated staff are committed to providing all students with educational programs that meet their diverse needs.

The donation will go towards new learning materials and facilities for the students, such as the procurement and development of 50 new Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Displays (PODDs), which help students communicate via aided symbols.

It’s our hope that this small contribution will make a difference in 2017, one that will seed lasting and beneficial growth for each student’s future.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

– From all of us here at Certica®



Thank you for the positive and kind words on this year’s holiday gift.

We are heartened to be able to help the students of Mitchelton Special School in their journeys, even in a small way.

We hope that you are inspired to share the holiday spirit with your family, friends and your community as well.

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  1. […] decided to repeat last year’s donation of $5,000 to Mitchelton Special School, on behalf of all our clients, to fund the creation of Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Displays […]

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