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Freelance is the future of the workforce

Generation Z are turning the traditional ideologies of the workforce upside down as they highlight the perks of a more flexible freelance work environment and pave the way for future workers.

Gen Z ranges from 1996 to 2010 and is making an immense impact to the conventional traditional “9-5 job” way of thinking. According to Mccrindle, Baby Boomers ( 45 years old +) work jobs for an average of 6 years and 8 months, which is soon becoming the way of the past.

Commentary by Upwork, states that Americans are leading the freelance revolution. In their 2017 study, they found that 73% of Gen Z have started freelance work as a choice, citing the benefit as being that they are able to enjoy better work-life balance. The Utopia of a flexible relationship between workers and organisations that support the moldability of workers that desire to live a more “go with the flow” life.

Forbes found that, Generation Z are 55% more likely to start their own business than the previous generation, Millennials. This was found within a 2017 study that showed a momentous 72% of high school students said they would rather be self-employed. The element of risk and reward exhibits the traits that the new generation of workers entering the workforce are all seeking. This demonstrates the desire for financial freedom as workers have the ability to earn greater amount at the discretion of their own hard work.

Also known as the “fourth screen world” (aka, always attached to an electronic device) this signals the foundation mentality that supports why the youths are able to relocate work at the ease of their own disposition. This solutes the digital world and the assistance in creating job flexibility with ease.

The average Gen Z worker will hold a job for maximum 1 year and 8 months and can be derived from a range of factors, such as the ability to upskill in new areas and master new traits. A study conducted by NAB found that Gen Z has an overwhelming characteristic of obtaining a people-focused job that has the ability to demonstrate their hard working passion within their work.

The Herald Sun promotes this theory as they found in 2018, that Gen Z is estimated to work 17 jobs within 5 careers throughout their lifetime and will be the most diversely skilled to within the workforce. Their willingness to adapt to new skills and surroundings will develop the traditional work life and generate a more opted for, freelance work.

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