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10 Clever and Creative Ideas to Inspire Small Businesses to Stand Out

Creativity and innovation are often the reason why businesses flourish in today’s world. Creative business ideas set companies apart from one another, and help the best to truly stand out.

If you have a good idea, sometimes you just need to run with it. It may or may not work, but allowing your creative juices to flow will only enhance your entrepreneurial abilities. This may be a new way of thinking for you, but if you spend time practicing you can improve your ability to innovate. A good example is our muscle. It has to be trained over time and be used regularly to be strong.

Creativity is a never ending process. Once your business brain is able to think outside the box, the possibilities are endless.

Most of the stores below used guerilla marketing, an advertising strategy that uses unconventional methods to promote products and services at minimal cost. It involves coming up with unique, innovative ideas to grasp the attention of consumers on a personal and memorable level. Creativity only demands confidence to risk and try something else that others have never done.

Check out these clever and creative ideas that might help your business in the future.

1. This store packed together supplies ready to be given to the homeless or to food shelters.

2. Travelers can break up the wait with a free printable short story at this airport.

3. Keep track of your groceries while shopping with this cart’s built-in calculator.

4. This store gives you a freebie of a mini mattress for your dogs if you buy their regular mattress.

5. Know exactly when these bananas will ripen!

6. This store gives fresh fruits to their customer’s children. Talk about healthy shopping!

7. In Walmart it will be easier to find what you’re looking for because their cart has an attached GPS.

8. Store owners will now know if any of their carts need fixing.

9. Mushrooms can’t get any fresher than this

10. Put your winter wear to the test using actual freezing conditions.

Being creative in your business is worth the risk. Just remember that being different is intriguing and it draws attention and curiosity. In fact, creativity can be an important key in making your business successful, and to keep your enthusiasm for your work running strong.

And the only mistake you can make when it comes to creativity is to think that you don’t have any good ideas. So, think outside the box. Challenge yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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