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Video: Is Your Workforce Contractor Compliant?

How do you ensure that you are engaging contractors compliantly? Unfortunately, many businesses are at risk for sham contracting because their contracting arrangements have not been properly set up.

By Stephanie Lewis Read more

Why Many Companies Choose to Hire Independent Contractors

Working environments across the world are changing. More and more young professionals are choosing to break away from the restrictive ties of a 9-5 job in order to work as an independent contractor for multiple employers.

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15 Adorable Service Puppies on Their First Day Of Work

Don’t be fooled by these puppies’ adorable faces – they’re taking their first day of work quite seriously. Here are a few puppies looking good in cute outfits, er uniforms, on their first day of work.

By Derick Bondoc Read more

Watch: Australian Formula 3 Action at the Certica City of Goulburn Cup

Check out all the highlights of the final round of the 2017 Australian Formula 3 Championship! Blend Line TV brings us this coverage and commentary of the Certica City of Goulburn Cup.

By David Marriner Read more

Infographic: 11 Qualities that Successful People Have in Common

There’s no single thing that successful people can attribute their success to – rather, it’s a combination of qualities that enables them to accomplish what they set out to do.

By Tony McGarvey Read more

Video: Contracting, Who’s Responsible?

As self-employed individuals, independent contractors should know how to run and administer their own business. However, in practice, this isn’t what happens.

By Rebecca Kenny Read more

12 Masterpieces by People Who Got Bored at Work

Here are a few products of creativity made by people who got bored at work, or maybe just had too much time.

By Tony McGarvey Read more

Infographic: Benefits of Contracting

Contracting is different from traditional employment in many ways. Check out this infographic on the most common benefits of contracting.

By Stephanie Lewis Read more
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