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5 Personal Finance Tips for Struggling Independent Contractors

Managing finances as an independent contractor, whose income varies from week to week, means personal finance requires a different approach.

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How to Make Self-Employment Work for You

Running your own business and working for yourself can be a scary prospect. Here’s how to equip yourself to handle the challenges of self-employment.

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Video: Huge Penalties for Getting It Wrong

Independent contracting is not a magic wand that businesses can use willy-nilly just to save on costs. There are huge penalties when it’s implemented incorrectly, so it pays to get contracting arrangements set up compliantly, right from the start.

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5 Steps to Better Time Management as an Independent Contractor

Time management is an essential soft skill that all professionals need to develop, but it’s perhaps more critical for independent contractors and other self-employed individuals.

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Video: Who Really Loves Accounting?!

While plenty of business owners start their own enterprise because of their passion for what they do, certainly not many actually love the accounting side of it.

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10 Clever and Creative Ideas to Inspire Small Businesses to Stand Out

Creativity and innovation are often the reason why businesses flourish in today’s world. Creative ideas help businesses to truly stand out.

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Our 2017 Christmas Gift & Message

As we say goodbye to another blessed year, we wanted to show our appreciation to everyone who supported us throughout 2017 by paying it forward.

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2016 Certainty Champions Enjoy their Free Trip to Australia

Each year Certica gives the Certainty Champion awards to two outstanding team members in our Certica Global office in Manila for their excellent performances and amazing contributions throughout the year.

By Derick Bondoc Read more
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