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Are You Ready to Be a Contractor?

It’s important to recognise that contracting is not for everybody. Contracting, in the simplest of terms, is the first seed of enterprise – one person with a specialised skill or idea, who backs themselves to start their own business. It takes a dedicated, hard-working and brave individual to take the plunge into self-employment.

But, for those brave individuals who set up compliant businesses from day one, the benefits can be immeasurable:

  • Commercial rates The financial reward that you can earn as a contractor is often greater than that of employees – particularly for result-based remuneration structures.
  • Earn by results By increasing your productivity, your earnings potential directly increases.
  • Control It is your right to accept or reject any offer of work, if you consider that an offer is unsuitable, you do not have to accept it.
  • Flexibility Permanent jobs constrain how you manage your time, including hours, days worked and holidays. In contrast, due to the flexible nature of contract work, contractors are able to benefit from more flexible work arrangements that work around lifestyle and other projects through good planning.
  • Independence You can source other opportunities to grow your business at any time, build your intellectual property, and take ownership of your work.
  • Choice Contracting, by its very nature, lets you decide the sort of work and projects you’d like to be involved in.

Given the above benefits, it’s easy to see why global trends are indicating that more and more people choose flexible work arrangements. A combination of people’s choices and advances in modern technology indicates that this brave sector of the working community will continue to grow.

So, if this sounds like you or you’re considering taking on a contract assignment, give us a call and get set up for success. Failure to do so will quickly see those benefits replaced with liabilities.

Get Contractor Ready™ today: call 1300 301 401.

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  1. De'Anna Delaney says:

    Hello, are you familiar with the changes in the Disability industry in relation to the NDIS and independent care workers?

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