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Are You Better Off Being a Contractor?

The term “sham contracting” is thrown around in modern-day media as frequently as “kale”, “GFC” and “best burger in Bondi.”  It doesn’t mean that it’s true or applicable to your current situation. The factors that contribute to sham contracting are explicit.  It means that you have been duped by your engager into accepting a contracting assignment when all along the offer was that of employment – OR  – even worse, you were once employed and are now being forced into a contract role that you had no intention of accepting or undertaking.

But today, after meeting with some real estate sales agents, independent drivers, financial brokers and other entrepreneurial-minded people,  I had reason to question the reverse.

What if you’re “employed” by a company but realistically, you dictate the when and where of your tasks, who you work with and provide the majority of tools/equipment yourself?

When does “employment” actually mean contracting, and are you better off providing your services from your own business?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you work autonomously to deliver an outcome?
  • Are you paid to deliver an outcome rather than for your time?
  • Do you provide the tools/equipment to fund the work that you do?  And for those of you in B2B roles, are you paying for all those long lunches and client dinners?
  • Are you able to work for other people or build your team so that you earn profit from their activity – which you dictate?
  • Are you comfortable accepting that you are responsible for you own work?  If you stuff up, you fix it?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you may be in a “sham employment” arrangement and could greatly benefit from taking that brave leap into self-employment/enterprise.

“Oh, but I don’t have the time to manage the complexities of running my own business like taxes, insurances and contracts.”

Pfft – get yourself an external HR/IR partner and outsource the work to them; after all, you’re too busy making sales/building jobs/making burgers 🙂

Certica® can do this for you. Let us be your back office, so that you can build your team and focus on what you’re good at and all the while reap the benefits of being your own boss (tasks that you are already doing, but you are not seeing the financial or ownership benefit).

2016 is the year where technology and innovation dictate and if you aren’t focused on either of those two goals, you may as well be reading this post from your fax machine.

FACT: Uber is the world’s largest transport company that doesn’t own any cars.

FACT: Air BNB is the world’s largest accommodations company that owns ZERO property.

The way in which we choose to work and interact with each other is changing and self-employment is leading the way.  Start your own business and be your own boss – the time is NOW.

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