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Advancing Your Career/Business through Independent Contracting

For most people, career/business growth and development is synonymous to climbing the corporate ladder.

Being employed, doing well, and then getting promoted is certainly one way to advance your career, but it’s by no means the only way. You can also achieve the same through contracting.

Compared to the comfortable predictability of traditional employment, independent contracting can feel like going off the beaten track.

Rather than sticking with a 9-to-5 job where you follow your boss’s every whim, you can actually make progress on your career with a lot more freedom and flexibility through self-employment.

Perks of Being a Contractor

Earn more on average

Contract work usually requires delivering results, and for this businesses are willing to pay higher on average.

Salaried employees earn a fixed amount no matter how hard (or not) they work. Contractors, on the other hand, typically receive earnings based on how well they do. For those who are really good at their jobs, the potential for more income is almost certain.

Furthermore, as you get better and more specialised at what you do, the better the projects you can land, and the higher the rates you can command.


The idea of being able to set your own hours and days is one of the biggest draws of contracting, and one that employees confined to a desk most envy.

Independent contractors enjoy a better work-life balance than most, which enables motivated individuals to accomplish even more with their time and effort.

More challenges

With the freedom to choose the clients you’ll work for, you can look forward to numerous different projects across various industries and fields. You’ll no doubt gain experience, develop your skills and build your professional network as you grow your career.

For those who are always up for a challenge and constantly looking to improve themselves, you can find endless opportunities through contracting.

No office politics

A little-discussed perk of being a contractor and going at it on your own is that you’re free from office politics. This internal bureaucracy is inescapable when you’re a permanent employee, and gets even worse as you try to climb the corporate ladder.

Moreover, because you avoid getting tangled in these ultimately useless maneuvering, you’re able to focus solely on your work, letting you complete tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

It's Not All Fun and Games

Just because the benefits of contracting sound awesome doesn’t mean it’s not without caveats. Let’s be clear – contracting is NOT for everyone.

You need to be motivated and enterprising, that you’re not switching because you think this is easier (it’s not!), and that you’re not doing so without a clear goal in mind.

Businesses that engage contractors expect them to produce on outcomes, so you need to ensure that you have the right knowledge and skills to perform the contract you apply for.

With the right mindset and the tenacity to succeed, advancing your career/business is definitely achievable as an independent contractor.

Certica® has provided compliant independent contracting solutions to Australian companies for over 16 years and we pride ourselves on finding solutions for our clients who want the freedom that compliant and fair contracting arrangements provide. If you engage contractors and you have a concern about managing your workforce, please contact us immediately for a no-obligation risk assessment and practical tips to ensure you’re always a step ahead.

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