About Certica®

What Makes Us Contractor Ready™


Certica® takes the uncertainty out of contracting, making it simple and compliant for contractors and the businesses that engage their services.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Certica® is considered the industry leader in contractor compliance and management.

Since pioneering independent contractor management in the country, we have helped more than 150,000 individuals commence their enterprise journey. For over 15 years, Certica® has delivered responsible contracting services across all industries throughout Australia whilst ensuring 100% of our clients are and have remained Contractor Ready™. That’s Certainty.

At Certica®, we believe in choice and responsibility, increased flexibility and mutually beneficial relationships that can only be fully realised by contracting the right way – simply and always compliant.

The Certica® Core Values

Certica Star

Like the services we offer, the Certica® logo has meaning and a deliberate purpose.

Our ‘Certainty Star’ depicts our three core values of Intelligence, Integrity and Innovation. Linked together, these brand values form the letter ‘C’ at the center, representing Certainty.

Our brand values are integrated into every solution Certica® offers and they enable us to deliver our promise of keeping you Contractor Ready™.


Everything we do is done with applied intelligence. Always learning, our knowledge and expertise are incorporated into all we do.


Unquestionable integrity is applied in the pursuit of certainty. If it doesn’t deliver, it isn’t done.


Success is built through innovation. Always adapting and continually improving what we do ensures we always remain Contractor Ready™.


Our three brand values are the ingredients that ensure that our benchmark engagement, compliance and management services deliver the Certica® certainty our customers expect.

Our Leaders

Driving Certica® in fulfilling its mission of ensuring responsible and compliant contracting is a tireless team of pioneers and leaders in industrial relations.

Rebecca Kenny

Rebecca Kenny

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca started out her career in recruitment and quickly spotted a gap in the market as she began observing more people moving towards contracting. People wanted their freedom within the workforce but had no idea how to equip themselves when it came to the business and administration side of things. She took her expertise gained as an accountant and her strategic business mind, combined the two and Certica was born.

Rebecca is a powerhouse when it comes to ensuring a fair and just workplace environment for her clients as well as her own staff and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis

Business Development Manager

Steph was born and raised in an International Family, attended boarding school in Brisbane and then went on to study Law/Business at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) where, in her last year, she met and worked for Certica’s founders Bec and Dave and never looked back.

Steph became passionate about making a difference to the single Entrepreneur, Mum and Dad operation and large Corporates/Government seeking to improve on efficiencies. She has now been with Certica for 10+ years and believes in it’s vision more and more every day.

She’s in the coal face and regularly deals with business owners, contractors and regulators, with each experience helping her build upon the next. When she’s not supporting start-ups with their insurance, tax and basic business planning, she’s with large Corps or Franchised businesses with 100+ staff, all the while ensuring they are being responsible Corporates and Enterprises.

Steph is an “Entrepreneur’s Best-Friend” and can ensure that dreams become realities through compliance, responsibility and good governance. She’s seen the best and the worst of it, and can tell you hand on heart, that if you are “legitimate, hard-working and honest”, Certica can deliver on their promise.

As you can see from her story, a legitimate partnership with Certica, is a partnership for life.

Jeska Fayer

Jeska Fayer

Relationship and Marketing Co-ordinator

Jeska comes from our neighbouring country New Zealand, ask her and she will also say they have the best rugby team in the world. She moved across the ditch to Australia over 6 years ago and we have managed to impress her with our way of life here.

Jeska has a background in recruitment, operations coordination and graphic design. She has a passion for learning about people and their business and building relationships whether that be in Australia or overseas. She is passionate about clients having access to information, as she understands how overwhelming contracting can be to someone who doesn’t know the industry.

When Jeska Isn’t liaising between the Certica Experience team, her clients and the various regulations that ensure responsible contracting practises, you’ll catch her exploring new restaurants and hot spots. So if you want to find some hidden gems in Brisbane be sure to ask Jeska!

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