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8 Important Things You Need to Do Before the End of the Financial Year

Track what you need to accomplish prior to the end of the financial year by using the following checklist.

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What is the Gig Economy?

With the number of self-employed individuals projected to rise around the globe, you’re likely to hear about the term ‘gig economy’ more and more in the coming months. But what is it and how will it affect you?

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Fair Work Amendment Bill 2017: An In-Depth Look

Vulnerable workers may finally get the protection they need against shady business practices, thanks to a proposed amendment to the Fair Work Act.

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The Death of Franchising as We Know It? Vulnerable Workers Bill

How will the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 impact franchise businesses? Here’s an overview.

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Certica® Supports AEIOU Foundation in The Chain Reaction QLD Ride 2017

Certica® is proudly supporting James Morton, Chairman of AEIOU Foundation, in the upcoming Chain Reaction QLD Ride 2017.

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A Call to Arms against Sham Contracting Practices

It’s already 2017 and still sham contracting continues to stain the reputation of legitimate contracting agreements.

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Work Contracts and Agreements 101

Before you start working for someone, or have someone work for you, both of you will need to come to a mutually acceptable agreement – usually in the form of a work contract.

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Infographic: Tax Obligations of Independent Contractors

The are many special tax rules that only apply to those contracting their services to other businesses. Check out this infographic on the tax obligations that independent contractors need to address.

By Derick Bondoc Read more
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